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Supply List

  SUPPLY LIST - 2019/2020      
  GSRP     Backpack      
        Need copies of; Birth Certificate, Physical, Up to date Immunizations, 
        Hearing & Vision Screening, Income Verification
  Kindergarten     Pencil Box*      
  Additional Items:     Backpack*      
  Kleenex     Glue Sticks - 24 *Please label starred items.  
  Ziploc bags     Dry erase markers Items not starred will be shared in the classroom.
  Band Aids     Pink pearl erasers Please send all items to school.  
  Playdoh     Elmers glue - 4 oz bottle I will store them and use them as they are needed.
  Cough Drops     Pencils - 4 doz. sharpened      
  Dixie cups - 3 or 5 oz     Scissors* - Fiscars work best.  Blunt tip.      
  Paper plates, 6 In     Crayons* - 4 boxes of 12 ct or less and 2 boxes of 24 ct or less
  1st Grade     Glue sticks - 12      
  Additional Items:     Bottle of glue - 1      
  Band Aids     Package of dry erase markers - 1      
  Clorox Wipes     Erasers      
  Kleenex     Handheld pencil sharpener      
  Playdoh     Pencils - 4 dozen sharpened      
        Crayons - 1 boxes of 24      
        Highlighters - 1 package      
        Folders - 2      
        Washable markers - 2 packages      
  2nd/3rd Grade     Crayons     Colored Pencils
  Additional Items:     Pencils (2 packs)     2 large erasers
  Band Aids     Pencil Pouch     Dry Erase Markers
  Hand Sanitizer     Markers      
  Cough Drops     Handheld Pencil Sharpener (w/shaving catcher)  
        Scissors (Fiskar)      
        2 glue sticks / 1 Elmers      
        4 Pocket Folders      
        Package of wide ruled lined paper      
        Gym Shoes (to keep at school)      
        Box of Kleenex      
        Clorox Disinfecting Wipes      
  4th/5th Grade     6 Jumbo glue sticks      
  Additional Items:     Scissors (Fiskars Big Kid 8+ recommended)    
  Band aids     8 pack of markers (Crayola recommended)    
  Cough Drops     4 Notebooks      
  Clorox Wipes     4 2-pocket Folders (red, blue, green, yellow)    
  Kleenex     1" Binder      
        Pencils (Ticonderoga or USA Gold recommended)



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