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Pick up and Drop Off Procedures

This letter is to inform you of the changes that have been made regarding the pick-up of students at Mid

Peninsula School.  These changes have been made to increase the safety and confidentiality of our

students attending Mid Peninsula School.  It has long been understood that anyone picking up students at

any school must sign-in and then sign-out the student to be picked-up.  This has always been standard

safety procedure, however; with increased security required at schools we have now revised our policies

to reflect an even greater level and measure of security.  Please review the following protocol that will be

implanted beginning on October 7, 2013 to pick up students at Mid Peninsula School:

·         Adult with permission to pick-up student reports to main office to sign-in and sign-out student

·         Office personnel verifies that adult is cleared to pick-up student

·         Office personnel then uses classroom intercom to request teacher to send student to the office

·         Classroom teacher then releases student to report to the office

·         Office personnel then releases student to adult

The following protocol will be followed to drop-off students:

        ·         Adult drops off student at school or office

        ·         Student is signed-in.

        ·         Office personnel uses classroom intercom to inform teacher that student is returning to class


      We believe this will provide an additional measure of safety for our students and staff.  If you have any

questions concerning the new protocol, please feel free to contact the office for more information.  We

thank you advance for your cooperation with our new protocol.


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