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Teacher: JJ Spaulding

JJ Spaulding

Mr. Spaulding- English


Students will write journals everyday at the beginning of the hour. Each journal must be a minimum of one page for full credit and written on the topic provided. Journals will be checked each Friday. Weekly journals are worth 5 million points (points are in millions, incidentally.)



Students will receive a new list of words bi-weekly and will be quizzed each Friday ( that makes for two quizzes per list.) cumulative review will also be given on each Friday. Vocabulary quizzes are worth 10 million points. Review quizzes are worth 5 million points.


Free points:

Each quarter students will be given 20 free points to be used at their discretion. Each student may apply his/her points individual quarter assignment as a grade boost, for additional copies of assignments lost, to sign out of class, or for various other classroom privileges. Free points cannot be carried over from one quarter to the next and may not be used on exams or other assignments as per my decision.



 Exemplary attendance is arguably the most important element of education. Since every attempt is made to cover the curricular material in class, each absence especially calculated into the final evaluation for credit.



 All homework assignments are expected to be turned in at the beginning of the hour on the day for witch are due. Any assignments not turned in upon collection will be penalized on the following scale:

  • 5% if turned in before the end of the day.
  • 10% for each day beyond the due date.

Additional, all essays or typed assignments are expected not only to be spellchecked but PROOFREAD as well. MLA format is the only standard accepted unless otherwise noted. Any assignments not following these guidelines will be penalized on the following scale:

  • 5%- not spellchecked.
  • 5%-not proofread.
  • 5%-improper MLA format.


Make-up work:


A student who misses any assignment due to excused absence has the right to make up that work. As an educator I believe that the onus of education falls directly upon the shoulders of the student; therefore, it is the student’s responsibility to receive his/her missing assignments.

The following guidelines apply:


  • Assignments are to be received outside of the regular classroom hours.
  • All assignments are due within one week of the original deadline for full credit.
  • Assignments turned in past the one week deadline will be given a maximum of 50 percent credit.
  • Class time will not be provided to complete any make-up work. Image result for old cartoon strips


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